Sports Massage in Farnham, Surrey 

Back to Active offers a high quality treatment Sports Massage in Farnham, Surrey. Our therapist is highly skilled and has years of experience working in both in high level elite sports and the general sporting population. Although originally developed to maximise the performance of athletes, sports massage is beneficial for non-athletes suffering from muscular problems as well.

Relieve Muscular Tension

Sports Massage therapy is not only beneficial in the treatment of muscular injury but is also useful as a preventative measure. If you are a runner, triathlete, swimmer, crossfitter or just keen on staying in shape, this therapy is particularly suitable for you. Our skilled sports massage therapist applies a variety of soft tissue techniques, myofascial release techniques and muscle energy techniques to ease muscle aches and pains.

Offers Numerous Health Benefits

At Back to Active our sports massage therapies deal with the manipulation, management and rehabilitation of the body’s soft tissues. Take a look at how we can make a difference.

● Athletes can reach their optimal performance because this technique helps to stimulate circulation and calms nervous tension.
● We make sure that you attain full range of motion and greater flexibility of the muscles.
● Our therapists help in reducing pain and relaxing tight muscles.
● You can have improved tissue health by increasing fluid movement.
● Damage and imbalances in deep tissues are detected earlier and are corrected before an injury occurs.

If you are experiencing muscle pain, stiffness of muscles, stiff neck & bad back, or you simply want to relax, our sports massage therapist with years of experience will provide you with the exact treatment you need. So don't delay and book a sports massage in Farnham today!

Give us a call to set up an appointment with our Sports Massage Therapist. Do not ignore muscle aches and pains because they are could be the precursors to an injury. Our therapist can nip your problem in the bud. From athletes to office workers, everyone can greatly benefit from this treatment.

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